“From my first meeting with Tim Fischer of Turf Tamers, I knew that the landscaping project for my newly constructed home was in capable hands. Throughout several preliminary and ongoing discussions, Tim listened to my ideas and preferences, honoring them when practical and feasible. He described his vision for my property and explained his reasoning with patience. The small, steeply sloped lot presented several challenges, but his expertise and creativity helped me envision what was possible. Tim respected my budget and found ways to work within it by prioritizing the essentials. Because of the grade issues, retaining walls were necessary; the result is an amazing work of art that adds character and beauty to my home and the neighborhood. I constantly receive compliments about the landscaping and stonework, and I am beyond pleased with Tim’s choice of trees, shrubs, and perennials. Tim’s crew is the best – hardworking, friendly, polite, and fun! It was a joy to be involved in every aspect of this major project – a dream come true for me – and I am happy and grateful to highly recommend Turf Tamers for any size landscaping or stonework project.” – Connie B.